Juana de Arco

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Designer: Mariana Cortez


A lifestyle brand from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The brand name Juana de Arco meaning “Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)” in Spanish, has been selected in hope for the brand to open itself to new discoveries, be free and lead to happiness like the great French saint and enduring symbol of unity Joan of Arc herself. The greatest characteristic of the brand is the one-of-a-kind pieces with their positive and cute use of colors. Lingerie, yoga wear, and hand-knitted items are developed as tools to draw out and “express” the sensibility and inner-self of all women, suggesting a life full of love. The designer Mariana Cortés launched a social project called “Proyectonido (Project Need)”, producing items that utilizes leftover fabrics and are hand-knitted, raising unemployment problems in Argentina, taking part in revitalization of the village, and supporting young artists to grow through the power of art and design. As a mother of two children, she promotes her birthplace Argentina with unlimited creativity and feminine sensibility, bringing hope to many people.


Latest News

5月17日(金)までの期間、H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY MARUNOUCHIにて松村咲希個展「地と図」を開催。
ステンシルやシルクスクリーンなど様々な技法を用い、多層的に画面を構築する松村咲希(Saki Matsumura)。